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Soft Fabric Charming Figure Panties

Sexy Panties is an elegant, comfy piece that you will enjoy slipping into. This easy-going undergarment will bring out your charming lower figure in a playful way that will have him discerning your plans. White and black horizontal stripes define the soft fabric that warms up your crotch area, and a black mesh outline of the panty completes the front design. The rear of this piece has a unique design that you won’t find anywhere else. An intentional tear on the back strategically exposes the crack between your cheeks in a flirty, seductive way that will give him all the clues on your mysteriously sexy plans for him. The stretchy fabric also enhances the curves, making them noticeable when you turn around. Feel free to express your desires with this hot selection whenever you have a romantic night planned out to bring back the spark that was starting to fade under the covers. Fabric: Cotton 95%, Spandex 5%. Elastic trim: Nylon 76%, Spandex 24%.

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