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Slingshot Extreme Micro Crotchless Bikini

Slingshot Bikini Extreme Micro Bikini Crotchless Bikini. You would think that bikinis are made for the beach, but we would recommend you don't wear this one outside of the bedroom ! A fun little secret for your partner or yourself, while this bikini might be just the right thing to add a little bit of fun and flare to your bedroom it might be too daring for the beach! This piece of extreme lingerie features a "barely there" design, with little pieces of white and semi transparent cloth that cover your most essential areas for a little mystery, while some white lacing joins up and bottom while adorning your body and bringing extra attention to your figure. The back of this piece of lingerie is a thong type, to bring that extra emphasis to your butt and showcase your butt cheeks: this micro bikini doesn't leave a lot of work to imagination, but that's exactly why it makes you feel extra sultry!

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