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Simple and Risque Sexy Gloves

These sexy gloves were designed to compliment almost any type of sexy lingerie, while bringing out the beauty of a woman's hands. Made from dark, these transparent nylon also act as great hand accessories, perfect for women who like to show off their hands. It's also worth mentioning that these are finger-less gloves, so they are nothing like the full gloves worn with evening gowns and more traditional lingerie. Smooth and simple, these gloves are meant to be both simple and risque. These sexy gloves were created to compliment any type of sexy outfit, particularly sexy lingerie. Made from a dark, transparent nylon-like material, these finger-less gloves are both attractive and risque, and are ideal for any woman who likes to show off her hands. Although designed for lingerie, these gloves also look good with any sexy outfit. They can also be made to appear more attractive by adding a few extra hand accessories, like a bracelet or two, or even some jewelry.

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