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Peek a Boo and Crotchless Lingerie Set

Peek a Boo and Crotchless Panties Set is a nice choice for the go-getter ladies who have no time for subliminal messages but go direct to the point. This sexy piece of lingerie has a nasty design that screams “it’s going down tonight” and can be suitable when exploring your fetish desires in BDSM. Just as its name suggests, the Peek a Boo and Crotchless Panties Set leaves no room for imagination as far as the sexual features are concerned. The top features a black design of dense stretchy garment that covers the upper area but exposes the breasts freakishly while wrapping from underneath them. The bottom also has a trashy design with an open crotch that leaves the sweet spot exposed for the pleasure of the eyes. The rear view of the outfit further brings out its fetish appeal with two open patches beside each other on both the top and the bottom. For those who are into role playing, this would be the perfect selection for a master-slave scenario.

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