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Neck Lingerie Accessory

There are many different type of lingerie sets out there and this sexy lingerie accessorie can make an outfit go from nice to amazing. There is a tie around the neck which is attached to a ribbon like material coming down between the breasts, before going horizontal and around the back to make it all come together. There is also a pleated lace type material from the collarbone to the middle of the breasts. This accessory gives a more expensive look to any type of lingerie and should make a welcome addition to your collection. It would go well with a whole range of outfits like black panties, bra, stockings, heels and even a cute teddy. Experiment with the garments you already have and see what you can create. You are guaranteed to look and feel like a million dollars when you put this accessory on and you are going to make him say "wow!"

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