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Eye Candy Bra and Panties Set

Embroidered Bra and Panties Set is a spicy selection of a tag team nightwear that promises to kick off any night of pleasure with the needed sexual oomph. The bra and the panties perfectly complement each other and make for the ideal eye candy that will have him torn between staring above or below the waist. Embroidered Bra and Panties Set entails a sexy bra with a plunging neckline that features a black bow-tie perfectly placed between the tits. The bra has a black and cream stripes pattern with a cream outline coupled with a light, transparent diamond-shaped linen that joins the bra to a pink strap that goes round the torso from below. The sexy panties have the same stripped design with two transparent patches bordering either side of the crotch area. The back of the panties firmly secures the butt cheeks in place and help to enhance the curves. This is all capped off with an intentional vertical tear that exposes the butt crack in a freaky and teasing way.

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