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Embroidered White Slave Panties

It feels great wearing something that matches your skin tone, especially that sexy pantie. It makes you appear nude while actually, you have something comfortable. This beige pantie is the perfect pantie for those ladies who feel better in extremely lightweight inner apparels such as this one. When wearing it, it completely vanishes and you can not actually feel it on your skin. You feel like you are not having anything in particular. This non-seamless beige pantie has been constructed and structured in a way that it is fully breathable. It allows fresh air in and out with ease. It can't harbor any smell since it has been beautifully woven artistically with lots of pores making it breathable. Looking at the back, it has embroidered "WHITE SLAVE" to light up your partner. The words also make the pantie look colorful on its own. The see-through feature is sexy and appealing to your partner. This pantie is definitely one that can light up that special moment! Lastly, it does not have a stretcher at the waistband and the leg openings are wide with no bands. These two features makes it fit well with no markings on the skin, easy to wear and comfortable.

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